• Supporting Sustainable Enterprises Supporting Sustainable Enterprises EVI explores and implements innovations in sustainable enterprise development. This support is achieved through comprehensive assessments of supply and demand in a variety of industries. Enterprise development projects create long-term opportunities by focusing on both new businesses (entrepreneurship) and existing businesses (employment).
  • Curriculum Development and Training Curriculum Development and Training EVI training materials focus on fostering creativity, entrepreneurial thinking, negotiation and compromise, business ethics, and socially responsible risk-taking. Learning occurs through participating in a process that allows participants to formulate questions, start experiencing solutions, reflect on lessons learned, and apply lessons through simulations.
  • Securing Livelihoods for Vulnerable Populations Securing Livelihoods for Vulnerable Populations EVI works to stabilize and expand wage-labor and self-employment opportunities for disenfranchised, at-risk populations, including: households suffering absolute or chronic poverty; marginalized women and youth; adolescent orphans and vulnerable children and their care-givers; and people living with or affected by HIV and AIDs.
  • Enhancing Healthy Food Systems Enhancing Healthy Food Systems EVI works to reduce barriers to accessing local, affordable, healthy food. In partnership with microenterprise development, workforce development, higher education, and business communities, EVI develops and supports viable, sustainable business models to increase the efficiency of agricultural supply chains, resulting in more availability of local foods.
  • Preserving Natural Resources Preserving Natural Resources EVI assesses how changing access to natural resources affects economic livelihoods and drives emerging economic sectors. EVI programming supports markets and livelihoods that integrate sustainable use of ecosystems to help communities address deforestation, soil-health, access to clean water, and flora and fauna protection.

EVI supports the growth of sustainable local economies by linking enterprise development with environmental stewardship.


Fostering more productive and sustainable relationships between market systems and ecosystems


Market systems development; environmental enterprise development; livelihood program design & implementation; behavior change & learning; training & curriculum development


EVI works alongside Kenya Markets Trust to make markets work better for Kenyan poor in key agricultural markets and basic service sectors