Social Stakeholders

We consider our donors as our social stakeholders, who continue to remind us that what we do is important.   We, together with you, are making a social impact around the globe.

EVI and the wonderful people we work with appreciate all contributions to our work.  Please visit the resources below to see how you can assist with increasing our ability to support communities in building economically and environmentally sustainable livelihoods around the world.

  1. Just Give to donate to the area of greatest need.
  2. If you are interested in donating stock, please contact lauren[at]

EVI also supports local non-profits through organizational support to build capacity and enhance direct impact. One such case is Mpendulo Savings based in South Africa.

Initiated in 2008, Mpendulo Savings is a community focused, nonprofit organization working to strengthen the economic resilience of vulnerable families through savings groups. Based upon a community managed savings and lending model, community members self-select groups (between 6 and 20 members), and Mpendulo Savings runs training workshops for the newly formed groups. Each group receives a savings “kit” and three different members hold the keys to the three locks on the kit, and a fourth member keeps the kit. Members deposit money (the amount varies, depending on respective situations) and these pooled funds become a loan fund, from which individual members can borrow from, repaying with interest. After 10 to 12 months, the money is dispersed amongst members, and often the members regroup to begin saving again. Mpendulo Savings oversees the groups for their first year together, and never takes any money from or gives any money to, any group. Mpendulo Savings currently has over 1400 members.

For more information about Mpendulo Savings, please email caroline[at]


EVI’s goal is to engage every donor in a meaningful way, and to treat each donor with an exemplary level of stewardship. To this end, we offer the following pledge to every donor: EVI will show its investors positive returns on investments at the local and international level.
  1. Donations and assistance will be used in the most effective and efficient manner possible, and will not be wasted nor underutilized.
  2. All donations, in-kind or financial, will be acknowledged in writing in a professional and prompt manner.
  3. Supporters will receive communication regarding their investments.
  4. EVI will maintain transparent and prudent financial practices and make available information to investors who request it.
  5. EVI will respect the existing relationships between our contacts and those who introduced them to us.

Thank you for being one of our social stakeholders.