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Market Transformation for Community Wealth

EVI’s  programs support small business and microenterprise to harness the power of environmentally and socially responsible “green” practices to grow revenue, create jobs, and strengthen the local economy and community. EVI energizes local economies and empowers communities through economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable business growth across industries. We work with microenterprise development, small business development, and community organizations, and directly with entrepreneurs interested in facilitating the growth of green business practices to support stronger communities.


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EVI’s Market Transformation for Community Wealth Approach
Market Transformation for Community Wealth refers to strategies that promote sustainable, market-based community development by working with citizens, microenterprises, small businesses, the business community, microenterprise development organizations, and other community stakeholders.
Understanding local market systems and supply chains can reveal:
  1. Market dynamics that affect community well-being and prosperity;
  2. New business opportunities for local existing and emerging entrepreneurs;
  3. Linkages to buyers (direct to consumer, business to business, and institutional) interested in local and green products and services;
  4. Sales and revenue growth opportunities for existing businesses through offering green products and services; and
  5. Efficiencies and cost-savings from greening different business functions.
    EVI’s Market Transformation for Community Wealth Approach Facilitates Green Business and Green Jobs

    EVI’s Transformational Enterprise Program

    EVI’s newest suite of services focuses on the development of real, profit-making social and environmental enterprises that address inefficiencies that are hindering the growth of socially and environmentally sustainable sectors. These Transformational Enterprises are themselves gateways for local enterprise growth and sustainable job creation. To accelerate these enterprises, EVI offers:

    1. Market assessment services;
    2. Business planning and advisory services to specific Transformational Enterprises;
    3. Marketing and customer relationship development to specific Transformational Enterprises;
    4. Strategic partnership development to specific Transformational Enterprises;
    5. Co-development of loan, grant, and investment requests to specific Transformational Enterprises; and
    6. Incubation and business model development and launch to specific Transformational Enterprises.

    EVI’s portfolio of Transformational Enterprises includes:

    1. Aggregation and distribution enterprises in the local food sector;
    2. Compositing facilitates in the growing organic waste sector;
    3. Deconstruction enterprises; and
    4. Manufacturing enterprises utilizing local recyclable materials.

    EVI currently has incubation programs in Atlanta, GA; Minneapolis, MN; and Maryland.